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About Me

Hi! I'm Brian Carper. This blog is a hobby. I write about programming and nerd topics.


  • Location: BC, Canada
  • Age: Thirties
  • Education: BS in CS from pitt.edu
  • Occupation: Code Monkey
  • Work Languages: Clojure, Ruby, SQL
  • For-fun Languages: Dynamically typed? I'm in.
  • Political Affiliation: None
  • Religious Affiliation: Wishy-washy Buddhism or something?
  • Text Editor Affiliation: Vim and Emacs (simultaneously)


  • Art: I do origami. I draw/paint sometimes. I love pixel art.
  • Music: I like metal. I play piano.
  • Literature: I like sci-fi. I like dark fantasy.
  • Language: 日本語を勉強している。
  • Games: I play Go (badly; 15kyu). I play Magic: The Gathering (pretty well; I'm an L1 judge also). I like video games. A lot. I'm trying to make one of my own.
  • Humans: I like talking about my hobbies with people. It could be with you!